image001 (1)FALL Volleyball Standings

Any team that does not turn in a waiver the first night of play will be considered scored as 3 losses until we recieve a signed waiver.

Any scores NOT reported after play, each night of play, will be counted as losses. 

No exceptions!

No late scores will be accepted!

If you are unsure if your scores were reported, check the standings, posted below. Generally they are updated several times a week. Those who didnt report scores for that week will be highlighted in TEAL. Any team without a waiver turned in will be highlighted in YELLOW.

Day Time Schedule Updated
Monday 630 VIEW 10/08/15
Monday 730 VIEW 10/08/15
Monday 830 VIEW 10/08/15
Tuesday 630 VIEW 10/08/15
Tuesday 730 VIEW 10/08/15
Tuesday 830 VIEW 10/08/15
Wednesday 630 VIEW 10/08/15
Wednesday 730 VIEW 10/08/15
Wednesday 830 VIEW 10/08/15
Thursday 630 VIEW 10/09/15
Thursday 730 VIEW 10/09/15
Thursday 830 VIEW 10/09/15
Friday 630 VIEW 10/08/15
Friday 730 VIEW 10/08/15
Sunday 530 VIEW 10/08/15
Sunday 630 VIEW 10/08/15


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